Manos Philoxenia

Manos Philoxenia

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Manos-philoxenia Apartments are located in the pine-covered Kriopigi, a brand new property, which opened in June 2020, with a wonderful view of the bay of Kassandra.

With aesthetically pleasing architecture and unlimited comfort in every corner – manos-philoxenia offers you a great opportunity to experience the wonderful view of the pine-covered Kriopigi. This luxurious but refined cottage offers accommodation in its 55 sqm apartments for up to 4 people. In addition, the soft corners, the white walls and the open flow as well as the design of the furniture by us give a more modern feel. Without a doubt, it is a wonderful destination to enjoy the enchanting sunrise, the embrace of the pines above the beach with the white sand and the turquoise waters of Kriopigi.


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